The Growing Industry of Electronic Dance Music

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Introduction Electronic dance music (EDM) festivals around the world bring hundreds of thousands of fans together for enormous multi-day parties. New York Ranger (2014) points out that ‘DJs are the new rock stars’. “While attendance at concerts and festivals for other music genres declined by 8.3% in the past three years, EDM has only prospered” (Lashbaugh, 2013). Lashbaugh (2013) also notes that EDM festivals are twice as big in attendance than all concerts and festivals in other music genres, combined. EDM is a growing industry! Last year the festival scene generated 4 billion dollars. For 2013 EDM scene has again grown and is now valued at 15 – 20 billion dollars US (Sam, 2013). Artist such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Rihanna are changing their music style to what is popular right now. They are adjusting themselves and releasing tracks that have EDM inspiration (New York Ranger, 2014). There is an increase of 33% in the total number of festivals produced worldwide in the past year (Langdon, 2013). The current growth of the music industry is a result of the global popularity of EDM (Unknown, 2013). The DJ market has increased in popularity in past years as new technology has made it easier to become an entertainer (Vincent, 2013). We can see from the statistics above that EDM is a fast growing industry. This could drive a need in the future for more skilled DJs. DJ Warehouse “runs training courses for more than 2000 people a year in every state” of Australia (Vincent, 2013). George Alexis Voulgaropoulos is the founder and director of DJ Warehouse. He has been operating the business since it opened in 2001 (Newstead, 2014). DJ Warehouse was registered in October 2002 (ASIC, 2014). DJ Warehouse provides e... ... middle of paper ... ...ound Retail Group Hits The Wall’, Channel News, viewed 1 April 2014, . The United DJ Mixing School 2014, DJs United, viewed 20 Mars 2014, Sam, 2013, ‘Electronic Dance Music Industry Reportedly Valued at $15 – $20 Billion’, The Frontliner, 23 September, viewed 18 Mars 2014, . Vincent, P 2013, ‘Australia’s got DJs and a fresh format’, The Sun-Herald, News, viewed 12 Mars 2014, .

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  • Explains that dj warehouse training provides students with a professional training program and the latest technology in dj equipment.
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