The Greatest Generation

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“The Greatest Generation” is a term used to describe the generation who were the children of the Great Depression and who became the adults of the Second World War (Brokaw). There may be strong reasons why other generations may be considered great. The generation born during the war undertook the task of putting a man on the moon. This is perhaps the most important of all human endeavors. They are certainly worthy of being considered great but not the greatest. In fifteen years America and indeed the world endured the crushing poverty of the Great Depression and the costliest war in all of human history. The enormous struggles and accomplishments of this generation is what makes it the greatest.
I intend to show by way of reason and evidence why this generation deserves the title given to them. I will concentrate on the war years as they were the most trans formative. The America which emerged from the war was radically different from the one that entered it. We were the most powerful nation left standing. One of the groups that I will be discussing is those who were left at home. These people brought our nation to the heights of industrial output. Indeed with these hard working people, the United States supplied the Allied Nations with the implements needed to fight and win. I would like to also shine some light on those men and women who fought the war. The US Army Air Corps in the European Theater, and my fellow Marines in the Pacific.
The United States had begun to re-arm in 1940. From 1939 to 1941 the size of the US Armed forces grew from 334,473 to 1,801,101 that is a 538% increase. By the war's end there were over 12,000,000 men in the armed forces ("By the numbers: the US military"). The vast majority of those serving ...

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