Generation X and Generation Y

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Generation X is a group of individuals that was born in the years of 1964-1980. This very interesting generation is a generation that is often forgotten. Reasoning being is because of how small this group is. During the time that this group of people was growing up their parents, the Baby Boomers were at large in the workplace. Layoffs were on the rise and the job market was very competitive. This led to one of the nicknames of this generation which is, “Latchkey Kids” (Zemke 2013). This term was instituted in order to define what was happening in the home of this generation. Due to their parents having to work hard in order to keep their jobs as well as food on the table, the children were often given keys in order to come home from school and take care of their siblings. Surely this type of parenting was not pleasant to either the parent or the child; however the money had to be made.

After dealing with the struggle of focusing on school children would come home from school and help with homework, cooking, cleaning, run errands or whatever the family needed. This also led to parents missing out on some of the extra curriculum activity that their children were in and also bonding time with their child. The people of Generation X are a very independent and strong willed group of people. Some of the people who grew up in this Generation missed out on their childhood due to the responsibility that was on their shoulders. However, the money flow had to be steady in order for the family to keep their heads above water.

As mentioned earlier, layoffs were starting to increase. Some businesses did not do as well as they thought that they would do. Parents were frustrated and confused as why the job market had falle...

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...chkey kids.” I can appreciate my senior citizens more because some of them fought in wars for my honor. I can appreciate the people who went through the civil rights movement, which are the Baby Boomers. All of these generations bring certain uniqueness to the world and each one should be appreciated for it.

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