The Great Wall Of China

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The Great Wall Of China The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous landmarks in China, and is visited the most. Most people when visiting, like to start by Beijing which is about north east of China. Certainly, The Great Wall didn’t just appear out of nowhere, this Wall took a long time and hard works of the soldiers, prisoners, and some local people to build such a massive wall. The Great Wall is said to start in about back in the Warring States Periods (476BC- 221 BC). It was build to form some sense of a defensive wall to protect the people from invasion and possible enemies that could come. Time after, other States Periods built some walls on there part to protect themselves also. Emperor Qin Shihuang of the Qin Dynasty unified the 6 states that were there at the time, and ordered for the rest of the existing walls to be connected. Thus the Great Wall of China was finally formed. Also, the wall technically did not become “great” until the Qin Dynasty. Mainly 3 groups of people built the walls which were prisoners, common people, and soldiers. Many people suffered tons to build this great wall and some have even died due to heavy workload. It is unknown the correct number of how many people have died. During other dynasties, the wall has been repaired and modified and even extended on some parts. Legend says that the Great Wall could be seen from the moon, but that belief has been proven wrong because, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, and Jim Irwin have stated that the wall could only be seen from Earth’s Orbit, not from the moon. The Great Wall shows the hard work and determination and dedication that people have put forth to build this wall. It shows agricultural civilizations, anda strong mighty military, and others that put their own time into building this wall. The Wall is very important to China because it shows the history of the leaders who wanted protection from invaders and potential enemies and also the strategic thinking. The wall served as defense, and a national safeguarding security for the people and country. More recently, the Great Wall, is now a historic monument and a national symbol for the country of China. If you would like to visit the Great Wall, it costs about $80.00. If you wanted to be VIP which means get your own tour guide, its about $189.

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