Importance Of Multiculturalism In Canada

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Since 1982 and the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada has asserted itself in the promotion of multiculturalism and equality of all citizens. Canada is a democratic society which stands to address the needs and desires of individuals in a fair and open approach. In addressing multiculturalism, understanding how some specific groups may be at a significant disadvantage based on their perception in society. It is argued that the ideals and laws incorporated in the Islamic religion and culture make it challenging for individuals to successfully immigrate and adapt into a western democratic society. There are significant challenges in all aspects of their lives, that make them find difficulty in adopting a new way of living while still adhering to their faith and culture. Post September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks have left Canadian immigrants and citizens who are of the Islamic religion and culture, the most scrutinized members in a country that promotes multiculturalism. This is due to negative media connotations, the failure of the government perpetuating fear and allowing concepts like Islamophobia to be produced among citizens. Multiculturalism was the forefront for the creation of the Charter and the advancement of equality. Pierre Trudeau's policy was about ensuring the cultural freedom of Canadians. Cultural freedom as an expression is meant "to break down discriminatory attitudes and cultural jealousies. Attitudes and jealousies are rooted in cultural insecurity and this can be reduced by ensuring that individuals are free to be whoever they choose culturally" (Forbes, 2007). While understanding what the Charter was created to achieve, there are also challenges it faces such as backlash from cit... ... middle of paper ... who commit such crimes, should not be associated with any religion at all" Nesbitt-Larking, 2007). A large population of Muslims recognize that they themselves also could do much more to connect with society on a bigger scale, to conquer the obstacles and difficulties that they experience and to take more accountability for integration. Nonetheless, commitment and involvement need also encouragement and support from the majority of society; there is a need to do more to provide accommodation for diversity and eliminate barriers to integration. Political members and the institutions have a meticulous duty to send an understandable message of respect to all communities and offer believable answers. Now more than ever they need to institute significant intercultural discourse and endorse practical policies that support integration and diversity among minorities.

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