The Giver by Lois Lowry

analytical Essay
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687 words

“What happened ten years ago?” Jonas asked. The main character in Lois Lowry novel, The Giver is Jonas, who lives in a Dystopian Society. The problem he forces is that he realizes that the community is hiding many secrets such as what release truly is. During the course of the story Jonas became conscious of what his community is doing to his life. Jonas inherited many different types traits, learning many life lessons and enduring horrible secrets from the community. He thoroughly shows that he was proud of what he is accomplishing such as becoming receiver, sympathetic toward the cruel tactics of releasing the innocent or the guilty, and curious to know how his life is going to change after being presented with his job in the society. Throughout this astonishing novel, Jonas shows many qualities, one of them being curiosity. Jonas is just receiving his job in his community as the Giver, but for now, he stays as the Receiver. As stated in the book by Jonas, the new Giver/Receiver in training, “Giver, how did it happen to you when you were becoming The Receiver.” ( ) This shows that Jonas is very inquisitive to know more about the Giver. Also, due to the fact that he is a receiver in training, he wants to know whether his training is worthwhile. As quoted in the book by Jonas,” Do you love me?” (127) Jonas is showing that he did not know what love really is before he is given the memory from the Giver. This event also proves that does not know much about the pastimes of his community. Although Jonas was curious, he also was very thin-skinned. After Jonas stopped taking the stirrings pills, he felt a mixture of different emotions, one of them being sympathy. As Jonas had requested to see the release tape, one thing ... ... middle of paper ... ...accomplishment for him to endure and to be proud of. To close, Jonas is experiencing a handful of traits and emotions along his way from being an eleven, to becoming a twelve. This astonishing novel shows a perfect example of a dystopian society, with the community starting off as a “perfect” neighborhood, and ended up being the complete opposite. Jonas showed his inner self throughout the story with the help of the Giver, and these magnificent traits is curiosity, to know and to improve his inner strength. As well as being proud of himself when he had just been awarded the superb job of being the Giver of the community to escaping with Gabriel on a treacherous journey to the next community. Lastly, sympathy got in the way of Jonas at any precise moment of the day. Thus, Jonas had undergone many obstacles, he ended up being able to bring about his goals.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how jonas felt a mixture of different emotions after stopping taking the stirrings pills, one of them being sympathy. he was easily affected and heartbroken from watching his father release the poor infant.
  • Analyzes how jonas gradually became proud throughout the course of the story, through thick and thin. he felt a great degradation in him, since his number is never said to receive his job.
  • Analyzes how jonas showed his inner self through the story with the help of the giver, and these magnificent traits are curiosity, to know and to improve his strength.
  • Analyzes how jonas, the main character in lois lowry's novel, lives in a dystopian society and learns many life lessons and enduring horrible secrets from the community.

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