The Future of OpenStack Adoption

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The Future of OpenStack Adoption A hot topic of debate recently has been if OpenStack is ready for the enterprises and many organizations are controversial about the licensing, cost, security, flexibility, and overall ease of use. Most enterprises should begin mass adoption in the next three years. OpenStack is an open-sourced company-independent private cloud platform built with segregated resource pools that can interconnect. For example, a virtual machine can be created using OpenStack Nova, which will connect into the block storage component to store data. The same server can be connected into a vLAN(virtual network) to have other servers throughout various locations connect to one network without costly networking hardware. Configuration is relatively easy as there is need to count, track or monitor which servers have the software installed for license compliance (McCafferty). Managing the VMs created in OpenStack Nova is also easy as it is possible to use the CLI from the browser through a VNC proxy (Sengupta). In fact, the online dashboard can be used to monitor and manage all their cloud services, such as, compute, storage, and networking resources (Navarro). This approach is significantly better than the traditional way, in which a company buys rackmount servers, and networking equipment, as virtual hardware can be repurposed and reused, unlike physical hardware, where new servers have to be bought when the app needs to be scaled to handle a higher load. This approach can also be used to have multiple low end machines work together to get the processing power and storage of a high end computer for a much lower price. Networking, in particular, costs much less money as everything is virtual and there is no physical ne... ... middle of paper ... ...tware> May 1, 2014 Navarro, Ted. “Core Advantages of Using OpenStack for IaaS.” Internet: May 1, 2014 Noyes, Katherine. “10 Reasons Open Source Is Good for Business.” Internet: html> May 1, 2014 Popescu, Alina. “OpenStack brings agility to more traditional service offerings.” Internet: ce-offerings-oeforum/> May 1, 2014 Sengupta, Priya. “Openstack – A quick introduction and overview.” Internet: May 1, 2014 “OpenStack Powered Clouds: The Business Case.” Internet: May 1, 2014

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