Persuasive Essay On Adoption System

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The Adoption System Needs To Be Fixed Today!
Sad, droopy, homeless kids go through their whole lives waiting for someone to adopt and love them. “There are millions of infants and young children who are in need of nurturing homes. Many of these children are living in the streets or institutions where they will likely grow up with serious depression or possibly die” (Bartholet 1). A lot of these children could have a safe home to live in if only more people were willing to go through the lengthy and expensive adoption process. If America had a better adoption system, adults would be more willing to adopt these poor kids. Currently, America’s adoption system is extremely corrupt and needs to make some changes as to how the system works, or
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For example as the years go on, “the number of children between the ages of 6 and 18 living in the streets has been increasing. From 2004-2005 the amount of homeless kids more than doubled from 590,000 to 1.4 billion in 2014” (Homeless Children and Youth). Since the amount of homeless kids is increasing, so is the demand for people to adopt. Before people can adopt these homeless children, the adoption system has to figure out some way to round up all the homeless children and get them into the adoption system. While they are waiting to get adopted they can be placed into the foster system so they can at least have a roof over their heads until a home is found. If they do not want to be placed into the foster system which is also corrupt, the adoption system could try and make a place where these children can be placed until they get adopted. Instead of looking for these kids’ and trying to help them, the adoption system is just waiting for these kids to turn themselves in or for others to find them, which is doing no good. Most kids have too much pride or are uninformed about the adoption system and do not trust it. Therefore, in order to stop the amount of kids living in the streets from increasing, the adoption system must find these kids and help them find a place to
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