The French Revolutionary War of 1848

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The numerous revolutions and uprisings that took place in Europe at the beginning of the eighteenth century signified the onset of more than a few liberalistic revolutions that shaped this continent’s governance to this date. This revolutionary wave was very significant, as it marked the collapse of traditional authorities and the establishment of more political and democratic forms of government. This year 1848; has been recognized by many as the ‘year of revolution’ because of the great number of political revolutions that took place allover Europe at this time. These 1884 revolutions started of in the French republic before spreading out to the other Western European nations. The 1884 revolutions were very significant to the French republic given the fact through them, the Orleans kingdom authority over France came to an end and the second French republic was born.

The 1884 revolutionary war in France was motivated by factors like a disapproval of the political leadership, widespread ideology of nationalism across Europe, and a greater demand for democracy among others. This war lasted only for less than five years, with several thousands of people dead and other thousands being forced into exile. This paper gives a discussion of the origins and causes of these 1848 revolutionary wars in France.

History of France Before 1848

1. Ancient France

The French nation is thought to have been founded at around 297 AD when the Salian Franks were given the authority to settle in the region occupied by the Batavians, a Germanic tribe during the era of the Gallic wars. The first king from the historical information was Clodio who began his reign at around 426 AD. However, it was not until the early nineteenth century that Franc...

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