The Freedom Writer: Racism In America

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Racism, A Dark and Long History in America The Freedom Writer tells a story that taken place among a first year teacher and a group of different students that own all kinds of origin, color of skin and background. Erin Gruwell came from Newport Beach while the students came from East Los Angeles. In the movie, racism is a problem that cannot be neglected. It is the root cause of hatred, as well as a global issue. For blacks, this is a disaster. In the U.S, racism has existed throughout history; differ from other area, the highlighting racial problem was largely color of white and black. In 1961, the first batch of Negro slaves arrived in Virginia, since then the tough life of blacks began in the U.S. The conflict between blacks and whites seems never stop. The climax of the history of racism came in the twentieth century in the rise and fall of what might be called overtly racist regimes. In the American South, the passage of racial segregation laws and restrictions on black voting …show more content…

The blacks have been devoting to fight for their rights. In 1963, Martin Luther King gave a speech—I have a dream, which let the world heard the blacks and inspired black people continue to struggle for freedom and justice. And in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama became the first black president in America history. There is legislation and memoranda against discrimination in its many forms. Affirmative action has been used as an attempt to ensure individuals are given equal opportunity for employment, housing, and other types of advancement.[3] In 2001, the Kaiser Family Foundation, in conjunction with the Washington Post, conducted a survey called, "Race and Ethnicity in 2001: Attitudes, Perceptions and Experiences." The study found that, on a whole range of issues, whites are more sympathetic to the realities of African Americans in U.S. society–and they also have closer contact and relationships with Blacks–than 35 or 40 years

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