The Four Types Of Love

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Love is a word that everyone grows up knowing, but they don’t necessarily understand what it means. Most people think that love generates from the heart, but in all actuality it occurs in the brain—the heart has little to nothing to do with love. The heart was mistaken to be the foundation of love because when someone is feeling emotions associated with the word, their pulse rate accelerates. Another reason for the mistake could be that throughout history, architects and artists alike have showcased and based the feeling of love around the organ in question. Consequently, the brain is the organ that sends out the chemical beacons that indicate someone is feeling love—and because the brain is involved, everything that has to do with the emotion becomes vastly more complex and difficult to understand. The Greek comprised many broad categorizations for the word love, in order to create that sense of understanding for the multifarious feeling. There are six main categories, but only four of them are widely known—Storage, Phileo, Eros, and finally Agape. We’ll start off with the most common of the four categories, Storage. This is the type of love that has to do…show more content…
This is the type that Disney movie princesses gear up little girls for. Love of the incomprehensible, complex, and frightening variety. It’s the love that causes people to jump off cliffs, fly planes across the world, and write novels about. This is the type that everyone is silently waiting for—true love. The sacrificial, mind boggling love. It’s complete madness, but people would give up their whole lives for just the right amount of crazy. Agape love in Greek myths, is the type of love that caused heroines to lose their sanity and exile themselves. We all know that searching for Agape will make us insane, yet we yearn for it so badly that we search in spite of all of the ruin—because finding your “Agape mou” is something that becomes second
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