The Foster Care System

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Foster Care
All over the world, there are children living in poor home conditions; children who are vulnerable and defenseless and unable to speak for themselves. Those children need a voice, and that is where the Social Services comes in; more specifically, the foster care system. The foster care system is extremely complicated. There is a whole manual for Virginia alone on rules and regulations one must follow to become and maintain the title ‘foster parent’. Understood, it is a very fragile situation for both child and parent. The child has just been taken from all that is familiar and comfortable to them (even though their situation might sound like the complete opposite of familiar to you, it is all they have ever known) and you have
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Not just in Virginia, but all over the world! A big issue with today's’ foster care system is called Aging out. Aging out is a nickname that refers to very common and serious problem in the United States foster care system. It happens when a child reaches the age of 18, which is legal adult age. Available information related to foster care shows that children placed in the care of the State are often not getting a very good education. Many times, they do not graduate from high school, and the children who do manage to complete their education often have very low test scores compared to their peers. There are many different, diverse reasons and they are all of which directly related to their situation and their place in the foster care system. Children living in the system do not experience the same support, encouragement, and stability as their peers. This has an adverse effect on the education that they receive. The low quality education that a foster child receives will negatively impact their future and will usually restrict them from effectively providing for themselves. Various organizations have begun to develop ideas to address and remedy this problem, to no solution as of today. It’s hard to resolve problems such as this when circumstances are always different and every child reacts differently to different things (Foster…show more content…
A loving foster family can help them blossom physically, and emotionally and put them on track with their peers. Children who are placed in foster care begin to show immediate results, including an increase in their height and weight. By one year, most children are in the normal height and weight group for their age. Studies have also shown that children whose height reached a normal level also had improved thinking, learning and memory. Obviously, without the proper care these children will not grow. If they are being neglected, they probably are not eating properly which will stunt the height and weight. They probably are not going to school often if at all, which would explain the low scores when it came to thinking, learning and memory. Foster Care systems give children another chance; they relocate them to a loving home where they are taken care of and given another chance at life. One to become successful, happy and healthy. (Good Foster
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