The Film Dracula And The Shining On The Dark

Throughout history, we have seen vampires come in every form and shape, which commonly comes through the medium of film or television. The traditional vampire is often ingrained into many Americans heads as a dark and bat-like figure with a lust for blood supplied through his innocent victims and large fangs, yet we constantly see movies that differ from this stereotype. The 1980 movie “The Shining” directed by Stanley Kubrick exemplifies a very modern and mutated image of the vampire in the form of psychosis while the 1931 movie “Dracula” displays the vampire in a more traditional sense, however, both films show the apparent influence of Slavic roots.
The 1931 film Dracula is when the west, more specifically America, received its first on
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The Slavic roots of vampires are still prevalent in modern works of art and especially in horror films that may on the surface seem like they are about something as simple as psychosis. One such striking example of this is the 1980 film The Shining. The Shining on the surface to most people may seem like it is a horror film about a man who snaps from either evil spirits or something as simple as cabin fever. However, the film actually incorporates many different indirect story lines and elements under the surface. One element that appears in the film is the Slavic vampire. Jack in the film is a psychotic vampire. A psychotic vampire is not something that people generally associate with vampires rather though just someone who is crazy. But Jack does display many vampire like characteristics throughout the film. When Jack came to work at the hotel he had to take the place of his predecessor who had killed his entire family one winter. Towards the end of the film, in an eerily similar fashion, Jack attempts to kill his wife and child. Jack is trying to take those closest to him as his victims because they are the things that can give him the most energy and joy in the bleak setting. Taking those closest to them is a Slavic characteristic as vampires were often accounted to return to their families first after rising from the dead to take them as their victims. The film however cannot be limited in containing only a psychotic vampire, as it is possible that a psychic vampire caused Jacks insanity. Jack has the life and personality literally drained from him as the film progresses. This linear progression of Jacks induced craziness indicate that some sort of force around him has caused him to lose himself and become a blood thirsty individual with little or

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