Insanity of Dracula

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599 words

In Bram Stoker's "Dracula", Dracula is portrayed as a monster made evident by his gruesome actions. An analysis of Dracula shows that: shows his evil nature in his planning, brutally killing Lucy Westrenstra causing a violent response from Dr. Seward and others, and how his evil ways lead to his downfall. To characterize Dracula in one way, he is a ruthless, cunning monster who uses tricks, torture, and wits to manipulate people to his will. However when he trifled with some courageous people, he had no knowledge that it would be his undoing.
The first part of Dracula's insanity to address is his devious planning throughout the novel. Even at the start of the book, he holds Jonathan Harker hostage inside Castle Dracula. For example, he has no care for Jonathan when he is staying at his castle. He replies to the vampires saying, “Well, now I promise you that when I am done with him you shall kiss him at your will. Now go! Go! I must awaken him, for there is work to be done" (Stoker 105). This shows Jonathan as just a part of Dracula's plans. This is what makes Dracula ...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes bram stoker's "dracula" as a monster portrayed by his gruesome actions. he brutally killed lucy westrenstra, causing dr. seward and others, and his evil ways lead to his downfall.
  • Analyzes how dracula's devious planning and manipulation of others symbolizes his evil nature.
  • Analyzes how dracula uses ruthless and painful methods of death to give himself life, such as slow torture of lucy westentra.
  • Analyzes how dracula's diabolical ways led to his pursuers destroying the source of the evil.
  • Analyzes how webster defines insanity as, "the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness".
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