The Field of Personality in Psychology

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The American Psychological Association was founded over 100 years ago. There are several divisions of this organization that discuss the diversity of psychology. I would like to focus on the division known as the personality. To my understanding “personality” is the character of another individual. I quickly come to realize that there are a variety of traits that must be contributed in order for a person’s personality to develop. Personality can be defined as characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. Personality psychology is the branch of psychology that strives to understand the traits and tendencies that make us unique. There are a number of different theories that have emerged to explain several different aspects of personality. Some theories focus on explaining how personality develops while others are concerned with individuals’ differences in personality.
A psychologist in this area studies the differences amongst people in such traits as conscientiousness, emotional stability, self-esteem, and openness to new experiences. Psychologists in this field attempt to determine what are the causes as to why some people are optimists and others to be pessimists, why some people are outgoing and friendly, whereas others are shy and reserved. In experimental psychology, research in personality psychology often applied to solving real-world problems. At BMW, for example, job applicants who are flexible, creative, and work well with others are more likely to be hired.
While researching this field many challenges arose with the experiments and their results. Measuring a persons personality traits was ot easy From a individuals child-hood thru adult-hood, tragedy and circumstance cam admin...

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...ere is no help at the same time. That is where one may become confused and frustration appears. Once the frustration has appeared the thought of the unmentionable occurs and it too late to correct this personality. However if the confused and frustrated mind could have been introduced to love instead of betrayal the outcome could have been weighed downed with “reason”.
The things that I found interesting within the study of personality psychology are the same things that drive me to meet new people. Meeting people can be a opening of a new personality, and that can be stimulating and refreshing for the mind. Trying new things also can introduce a new way of thinking which can change a persons personality. An individual goes through many changes throughout life and with that comes a slight change to the personality that they acquired from childhood- adulthood.

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