The Feminist Movement In The 60's Feminist Movement

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The 60’s Feminism movement shifted women from husband-income dependent to career developing independents. Some claim that women only believed they had shifted their unpaid domestic work life into the world of corporate servitude and unknowingly doubled their workload as they still came home to domestic chores. So the Feminist agenda continued as New Left and Civil rights movements began to emerge: an era of activism and reform enticed women to join, but these movements were widely patriarchal and provided no accurate voice for female activist. Communes with wide ranges of goals and objective arose to try and create a new system of living. Back-to-the-land communes were created to establish a space that was in harmony with the environment, independent…show more content…
Some feminist theory states that “caring for nature, along side a social and local-oriented attitude” is aspects of “female values” (Villa and Daugstad). Eco feminism states that these characteristics are characteristics that “represent more sustainable ways of living” (Villa and Daugstad). Yet some of this could hold some truth as Andrew Wilbur states that an “astonishing number of female researchers contributed to the advancement of alternative agricultural science in the first generation of biodynamic and organic agriculture’ in the early 20th Century”, and Jessica Louise Lynn states that “local food movements, organic food movements, eco-feminism, and a pop-culture “do-it-yourself” ethic all can be traced to back-to-the-land feminism”. Andrew Wilbur stated that there was an idea that women “hold holistic attitudes to the use of natural resources” and are “more ‘natural’ then men, and consequently less rational”. All these theories could be conjoined by the concept of the “ethic of care”, itself a theory about what makes actions morally right and wrong, and within the feminist theories; ethic of care is a natural state of

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