The Father of Western Philosophy Socrates

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The Father of Western Philosophy:


Since the dawn of man, the invariable love of knowledge has kindled the hearts of humankind. That true passion in the heart for mankind over the flux of time is the study of philosophy. One of the greatest embellishments to philosophy overtime is the lionized Socrates of Athens born in 469B.C. His life exemplifies a true philosopher’s life, and the aspect of wonder that has cloaked mankind since the beginning of time. Therefore, the philosophical significance of Socrates is strenuous to parallel for he: practiced systematic and logical reasoning, lived an undemanding life, and pursued truth and wisdom.

At first, the heart of philosophy lies in practicing systematic and logical reasoning which Socrates indeed was loquacious with. A philosopher has to pay great attention on how to go about reasoning with someone which characterizes a fine philosopher. Indeed, Socrates is able to accomplish that quite admirably:

…Socrates is doing the kind of critical questioning that characterizes philosophy. With careful, logical reasoning and in a...

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