The Fall of the Newspaper and the Rise of the Internet: A Critical Analysis

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‘The Fall of the Newspaper and the Rise of the Internet: A Critical Analysis’ Introduction/Abstract Recently I have come across a subject area that I feel very passionate about, as a designer rooted heavily in the printed word. I want to find out how it is happening, why, and whether we can halt it – if at all. Should we even try? I believe this is something many people are concerned about, and there is much scope for ideas. I intend to conduct research into the widespread fall of newspaper sales, and how the Internet is causing this, if it is even. Furthermore I will branch out into whether the journalists themselves are to blame, or simply because of citizens’ lack of interest in news, whether it is in the newspaper or the television. I will also investigate how people read their news; do they purchase a broadsheet? What interests them? How much does the Internet take the place of the newspaper? These are all questions and more that I intend to research thoroughly, perhaps with the help of the general public. Aims From Part 1 My aims in this dissertation are simple. Primarily I want to answer questions I have asked myself about the current state of the newspaper industry, in past, present and future circumstances. Will there be a job in that industry for me as a designer, or someone else? How are the journalists, the people who work for newspapers being affected? Do they blame the widespread use of the Internet? Extending this I will examine whether the ‘Online Super Highway’ is affecting, causing or perhaps supplementing the newspaper (the complete opposite) whether that is economically, political or sociological. I intend my dissertation not only to be academic, but also to a wider audience. Hopefully journalists, pe... ... middle of paper ... ...ocID=10085378>, [Accessed 25 November 2009] Smith, T., 2002. The Social Media Revolution. International Journal of Market Research, 51 (4), pp.559-561. Tapscott, D. (2008) Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing the World. University of Missouri Press. The Bohemians; or Life in a Newspaper. (1861) [Play]. Available from: , [Accessed 25 November 2009]. The Future of Journalism (2009) [Online blog]. Available from: Woo, W.F. (2007) Letters From The Editor: Lessons on Journalism and Life. University of Missouri Press. Available from: , [Accessed 25 November 2009]

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