digital technologies are changing the nature of journalism in Australia

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Technology is an important aspect of everyday life. Since the advent of technology, every industry that has engaged with technology and its features has produced results efficiently, cost-effectively and promptly thus making the lives of all the people easier. The same effect can also be found in the field of journalism and its associated field. The impact of technology on journalism is evident. As more and more people are becoming technologically sound, it is an imperative for journalism also to employ the tools of digital technology. Technology in terms of digital technology has helped journalism in Australia tremendously. Effective communication, which is pivotal to the functioning of journalism, has been greatly improved with the help of digital technology. This research essay will explain digital technologies, what does journalism constitute of and how digital technologies are changing the nature of journalism in Australia by concentrating on the specific digital technologies like the mobile phones or smartphones, internet and the social media. In doing so, this essay deduces the fact that journalism in Australia is greatly benefiting from digital technologies. Digital technologies are those kinds of technologies that are employed by devices that process information through bits. It is an electronic method of process of information. “A digital electronic device is any device that stores and process bits electronically” (Baldauf & Stair 2010, p.5). The form of communication that digital technologies use is called digital communication. There is a convergence of all forms of digital forms on communication happening with the help of digital technologies. Digital technologies provide a platform for all the forms of informatio... ... middle of paper ... ...tion to New Media, Berg. Hirst, M, Little, J, Hayes,M & Treadwell, G 2012, So You Want to be a Journalist?: Unplugged, Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne. Kawamoto, K 2003, Digital Journalism: Emerging Media and the Changing Horizons of Journalism, Rowman & Littlefield, USA. Singh, A.K 2007, Science & Technology For Upsc, Tata McGraw-Hill Education, New Delhi. Speak English or Die, 2012. Available from . [1 June 2014] Synodinou, T, Kapidakis, S, Iglezakis, I 2011, E-publishing and Digital Libraries: Legal and Organizational Issues, IGI Global. Woman filmed attacking elderly man, 2014. Available from . [1 June 2014].