The Evil Gene: Addiction: The Evil Gene

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Addiction: The Evil Gene For several decades the matter of addiction has been disputed, many believe it to be self-inflicted, while others believe it is genetically driven. Researchers are currently proving the former incorrect, as they are coming closer to pinpointing the gene that is associated with addiction, more specifically alcoholism. Children of alcoholics are more susceptible to become addicts because of their genetic makeup. The controversy has one prominent root, and that is the question of whether alcoholism is considered a disease or not. “The AMA (American Medical Association) has labeled it a disease for decades… it meets their criteria for classification as a disease” (Ruth np). Alcoholism is as much a disease as cancer and diabetes are, but frequently those who are suffering from addiction receive negative feedback because of the stigma that comes along with it. People often believe addiction is a sign of weakness or lack of self-control. However, it is an uncontrollable disease such as the ones listed previously (Ruth np). For those who suffer from addiction, a highly addictive substance called tetrahydroisoquinoline (THIQ) can be found in their brains. It is said to be …show more content…

He is frequently at social events every night of the week and socially drinks. George is in a state of denial and refuses to recognize his excessive drinking habits. He fails to believe that he possesses many of the red flags of an alcoholic like; how he spends a fraction of his income on his alcohol cravings and is slowing ruining friendships and relationships because he is growing insensitive to others. His addiction is apparent if one were to look into his preference on how he enjoys spending his leisure time, however from the looks of his face and his established career it would be difficult to identify him as an alcoholic (Hayon

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