The Epidemic of M.R.S.A. in Our Hospitals

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Public Health Problem

The health problem is that M.R.S.A., an antibiotic resistant bacterium, has become an epidemic in hospitals worldwide (WebMD, 2012). This is because it is a location that many people come to that has become ill or some part of their health is faltering. This means that this place is overcome with many people who have weakened immune systems and even some with some type of infection (MNT, 2013). This makes the perfect circumstance for a disease to overwhelm and infect the area, thus M.R.S.A. can spread rapidly without much interference.
The way in which this problem was able to occur is that because now we have things like hospitals, or other sorts of locations used to aid the public we have now created the opportunity for many people with different illnesses to all accompany each other. This in turn has created a breading ground for bacteria. Thus the more compact the area, like the ER, the more likely to catch some form of illness. Since M.R.S.A. has become too prevalent in the world the likely-hood of people contracting the disease is much higher. Also since it doesn’t require a host for survival, touching contaminated surfaces can transmit it. There have even been instances where hospital staffs accidently were carrying the disease around the hospital on their uniforms. In a study done by Russel Olmsted, 60% of doctors and 65% of nurses were found caring M.R.S.A. on their uniforms. This leads to the risk that every patient they helped or were near during the time they were contaminated are now at risk for the disease (MNT, 2011).
The risk of this Public Health dilemma is that if M.R.S.A. is becoming even more dominant in hospitals what is preventing this epidemic from expanding to an even more dangerous ...

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...ary 15, 2014
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