Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)

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Healthcare-associates Infections (HAIs) are infections that patients acquire during the course of receiving healthcare treatment for other conditions and can be devastating or even deadly ("CDC - HAIs the Burden - HAI", 2013). An HAI was defined as a localized or systemic condition that (1) results from an adverse reaction to the pres¬ence of an infectious agent(s) or its toxin(s), (2) that occurs during a hospital admission, (3) for which there is no evidence the infection was present or incubating at admission, and (4) meets body site-specific criteria (Klevens et al., 2007, p.2). Due to the lack of federal and state laws that require reporting and infection prevention laws of HAIs, there continues to be an increase in deaths, as well as healthcare and legal costs. Direct legal issues that result in inadequate infection-control practices, medical costs of healthcare-associated infections and the amount of deaths that have occurred due to these preventable infections are the main targeted issues that will focus on this project. Reporting requirements of HAIs vary from state to state, provider, facility, frequency, and type of infection. Due to this, there is inconsistency in the methods of data collected, risk management, data validation, and the requirement or reporting HAIs. The legal requirements and statutes that mandate disclosure of errors need to be addressed in order to reduce and prevent HAIs. In addition, the discussion of legal duties and responsibilities of the care providers, facilities and patients are discussed. Since there is no federal law that requires hospitals to report HAI deaths, much of the data in this report is based on the states that have statutes in place that require them to do so. It was estimat... ... middle of paper ... ...U of selected provisions in healthcare-associated infection laws. (2012). Retrieved from Public Health Law Program at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website: Pyrek, K. M. (2009, December 18). SPOTLIGHT ON PREVENTION: HAI-Related Litigation: What Infection Preventionists Need to Know. Retrieved December 30, 2013, from Reagan, J. (n.d.). State public reporting laws of healthcare-associated infections. Retrieved from Public Health Law website: Scott II, D. R. (2009). The direct medical costs of healthcare-associated infections in U.S. hospitals and the benefits of prevention. Retrieved from

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