The Environment Protectors

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The Environment Protectors

As inhabitants of this Earth, one of our main priorities is to protect the environment that has been given to us. While many people may have forgotten about the importance of protecting and maintaining Earth, there exists a series of organizations whose main purpose is to protect all natural aspects of the planet we call home. Two of the major organizations are Greenpeace and the Surfrider Foundation. Each has goals that are very like the other but are more specific in certain areas. The main goal of Greenpeace, as explained by the organization, is “to expose environmental criminals, and to challenge government and corporations when they fail to live up to their mandate…”. Surfrider’s environmental focus is much less broad than that of Greenpeace. The Surfrider Foundation strives to protect the ocean, beaches, and waves. Both organizations have clear objectives and are serious about attaining their goals.

Greenpeace is an organization that fights to save all aspects of nature. As explained on their website, it is a non-profit organization that works to discontinue environmental degradation. According to Greenpeace, the organization began in 1971 when a group of peaceful environmental activists sailed into Alaska by boat to protest with intent to stop a series of underground nuclear tests that were being done by the United States government. Some of the main Greenpeace campaigns include stopping climate change, protecting tropical rainforests, eliminating toxic chemicals, and stopping the nuclear threat (Greenpeace). They are considered to be a radical activist group by many because of the level of protesting that they undertake. These actions include the famous 1971 boat tri...

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...the government compromised by making new and much more accommodating hours.

In addition to living at the beach I also have Seashore State Park (also known as First Landing State Park) as a backyard. I have used the park as my own personal playground since I was a young child and would not want anything negative to happen to the park that would affect the chance of future generations enjoying it. Due to this, many beach residents, including myself, have gone to collect trash in the surrounding woods of our neighborhood. Organizations like Greenpeace have fought for government protection over parks such as Seashore State Park so that it can be free from human development. Because organizations like Greenpeace and the Surfrider foundation exist, I can enjoy and take an active part in experiencing and enjoying the natural environment that surrounds me.

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