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  • Emily Murphy: Canadian Women's Rights Activist

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    Emily Murphy: Canadian Women's Rights Activist It was only in this century that women in Canada had equal rights as men. But this would never happen if women themselves would not start fighting for their rights. One of these women was Emily Murphy and her greatest achievement, Emily proved that women are `persons' and therefore they have the right to work in any political office. Her life and political career lead her to this achievement. Emily Gowan Ferguson was born on March 14

  • Harry Forster Chapin: Musician, Song Writer, Film Editor and Political Activist

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    distinguish himself as a creative genius in multiple fields, ultimately leaving a distinct mark on this world, though he received only moderate public recognition. Professionally, he was a musical performer and songwriter, a film editor, and a political activist and lobbyist, able to reach remarkable heights in all three fields. In the field of music, Chapin rose to stardom as a rock and roll performer and songwriter during the 1970's, introducing the world to a new style of music he created and popularized

  • Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

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    social upbringing reflects their views and opinions. The average pro-life activist tends to be a lesser-educated individual who grew up seeing family life as a root to all means. Her parents were of a lower income bracket, barely finished high school, and more that likely her parents provided many siblings. She wed directly out of high school to a low income white collar worked and has many children herself. The pro-life activist believes strongly in the church and the fact that the main purpose of sexuality

  • Abortion is Seriously Wrong

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    before morally ready to commit. If a woman is raped, and the outcome incurs pregnancy, then abortion is an alternate form of controlling the unwanted pregnancy. Abortion should stand as only the woman’s choice, never as a decision adverse to Pro-Life activists. Pro-Choice advocates seem to vindicate abortion, accepting that abortion is not considered a form of birth control, but merely a method of controlling the woman and fetus future. Women are the sole determinate persons in stating if they are capable

  • The Oppression of Fat People in America

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    The Oppression of Fat People in America Many people see fat activists as a bunch of whiners who can’t keep their hand out of the cookie jar." — Kimberly, fat activist Being fat is one of the most stigmatizing attributes in America. One cannot live through a single day without encountering numerous forms of fat prejudice in magazines, on television, in the streets, and even in homes. Erving Goffman’s Stigma delineates three types of stigma: abominations of the body, blemishes of individual

  • Abortion: When Is The Beginning Of Personhood?

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    collaborate. Many have contemplated upon the meaning of abortion. One argument is that every child born should be wanted. The people in lieu of this theory are often referred to as Pro-choice activists. The opposing argument is that every child conceived should be born, this theory epitomized by Pro-life activists. A public consensus exists that when human personhood starts, that the law must protect person. Many religions, organizations, and individuals have fervently held conflicting beliefs about

  • We Must Be Put To an End to Gun Control in America

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    makes a background check which is necessary to purchase a firearm, and also establishes a waiting period of five business days before the firearm can be sold (Just Facts Gun Control). Activists do a great job of portraying firearms as a very negative and frightening. There are many things that gun control activists fail to consider. Many times they do not think about how often a gun is used in self defense. Also of the total crime that is committed with a fire... ... middle of paper ... ...g”

  • Mad Cowboy

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    Mad Cowboy “Even if animal testing produced the cure for Aids, we’d be against it” This rhetoric notion was stated by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and summarizes the fanatical doctrine animal rights activists preach to their followings. These activists preach a doctrine of hate calling for the end of all meat eating, wearing of fur, use of animals in experiments regardless if they are beneficial or not, and even push for the end of all pets as we know of it. Howard Lyman author

  • Public Relations In Action

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    examples of effective PR strategies include publicity, special events, newsletters, press releases, charitable contributions, sponsorships, and thank you letters. One example of public relations in action regards anti-abortion activists. Almost ten years ago, anti-abortion activists had to revamp their image in the aftermath of attacks on two abortion clinics. John C. Salvi III was sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing two people in a rifle shooting rampage in December of 1994. The

  • Coming of Age in Mississippi

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    The first main event that I believe led to Anne Moody becoming an activist for Civil Rights was when she was younger, her cousin George Lee was babysitting and he burned down the house in a fit of rage and when Daddy gets home he blames it on Essie Mae (Anne Moody). This foreshadows all of life’s injustices that will be thrown her way. The next time was when she made friends with white neighbors and they decided to go to the movies, Anne couldn’t sit with her friends, she had to sit in the balcony

  • Digital Activism Essay

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    face, Ai wei wei bypassing china’s web security using twitter is an excellent example of activism t... ... middle of paper ... ...t to weigh in on petitions or even gain knowledge of these petitions or information which depending on where this activists information is coming from could gain less traction because of the place from which they are situated Conclusion In this global village we have been given the opportunity Digital Activism is a good tool for distributing ideas creating awareness however

  • Dolphins

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    accident. Since dolphins have to breath at the surface they drown in tuna nets. It is estimated that 4.8 million dolphins were killed in tuna nets from 1959 to 1972. Under pressure from animal rights activists tuna consumers will not accept tuna from canners that do not protect dolphins. Animal rights activists also believe that dolphins shouldn't be in captivity for use in aquatic shows. Dolphins eat a lot of food in a day, usually about one third of their body weight. A dolphin's diet consists of mostly

  • McDonald's Case Study

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    organizations and of the activists groups, which I feel it is applicable to this study of the McLibel case. In my research for preparing this assignment, I've came across more literature and disseminated information from the small activist group of London Greenpeace versus the large multi-national corporation of McDonald's. This study also points to the need of more studies that examine the special problems of international communication. The actions multi-national c McDonald's triggered activist conflict not

  • The AIDS Quilt: Another Dimension

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    out of the eight sections clearly stands out. It is one that reads: "Terry Sutton; He hated this quilt…and so do we." This panel, surrounded by the seven more traditional panels shows how although, on a broad level, the quilt is thought of as a non-activist mourning attempt, there are definite aspects of activism that show through despite discourses popularly associated with the quilt. The other panels pictured here typify the finds of panels that are made for the victims of AIDS. "In memory of…"

  • Thesis on a Tale of Two Cities

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    attitude when Jacques kills the Marquis is that justice has been supplied. There is a definite tone of approval in his voice after these actions. On the other hand, Dickens’s attitude towards the mutineers is not always one of endorsement. When the activists nearly kill Gabelle and burn the Chateau, Dickens’s attitude changes from one of approval to one of disbelief. His disposition is almost one of sorrow for all the beauty being carelessly destroyed. As the reader can see, Dickens’s opinion varies

  • My Generation

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    called, believes in equal rights for all and a strong connection with family and friends. Yet they are so materialistic that the older generations see them as “floozies with credit cards.” This is one of the reasons why there are so many equal rights activists today. Never before has there been such a range of reasons to stand up for ones right. For instance, there are so many organizations to stop violence against people; race, creed, sexuality, gender, nationality, etc., are irrelevant. Today’s youth

  • Sisterhood

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    rights activists gathered. Their primary goal was to obtain voting rights for women (Moore 1992, 21). In the mid 1960’s, the seeds of oppression (which spread from earlier civil movements) were scattered and sown among other dissatisfied women. These seeds began to take root, and grow dramatically, initially within the context of the growth of more general and widespread left radicalism in Western societies. As a result, beginning about 1965, the second wave of women’s rights activists began to

  • Pro-Life: The Opposite of Pro-Death

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    opposite of pro-death. Pro-choice is an escape from the harsh reality that abortion is the murder of millions of innocent lives. Activists also believe that killing infants because they are severely handicapped is morally acceptable. They are of the opinion that a life can be terminated by the hands of a physician; in my opinion, only by God. That is how pro-choice activists represent themselves. As a junior in high school, I am considering medicine as a possible career choice. Through my research

  • The Atrocity of Saul Alinsky's Utilitarian Approach to Communcation

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    The Atrocity of Saul Alinsky's Utilitarian Approach to Communcation Jeremy Bentham, one of the founders of Utilitarianism, believed his philosophy could provide for the “greatest happiness of the greatest number of people”. However benign it may sound, at the heart of Utilitarianism is a cold, teleological process which reduces happiness to a mere commodity. It is even worse that Saul Alinsky would extend this philosophy to a point where the truth becomes relative, justice becomes a tool of

  • Korean Dog Eating Tradition

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    eating dog meat has always been considered a peculiar tradition by foreigners. In recent years, this tradition has come under increasing pressure from animal rights activists, including Bridget Bardot, who wish to see the practice outlawed altogether by the South Korean government. This controversy came to a head in 2002, when activists convinced FIFA to put pressure on South Korea, the co-host of the World Cup, to ban dog meat. William Saletan discusses this controversy in his article ?Wok the Dog