Green Environmentalism

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Sam Guyette
There have been many world changes since 1945 to now. Many think the whole idea and trend of the world becoming ecofriendly and “green” started in the 1970s. This was started with the book Silent Spring which is an environmental science book by Rachel Carson published in 1962 and becoming popular in the 1970s. This trend had more impact on daily life then most believed it would and changed the way many people viewed their personal affect on the world.
With the spark of the “Modern Green Movement” created by the book Silent Spring many people began to reevaluate their impact on the world. Later many laws would be passed to insure the preservation of Earth as a whole. Environmentalism is advocacy for or work toward protecting the natural environment from destruction or pollution. This was the main idea to work towards living a more “green” lifestyle. Henry David Thoreau’s book Maine Woods was another book promoting his love for nature and how he wanted to preserve it. This was a major way these new ideas got to the public. George Perkins Marsh was another major figure in the new ideas of preservation of the environment. He was one of the first “conservationists” and shared his message to the public about creating an impact on the land as much as the Native Americans did. His popularity became relevant during the early nineteenth century.
However Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir were not alive in 1945 and beyond what they did when they were alive had a major affect on the United States idea of conservation and preservation and the environment. This was one of the first times the government stepped in and took steps to preserve the United States land. One major thing that Teddy Roosevelt did was creating Nati...

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In the twentieth century many car producers are making electric models of cars and hybrid cars. This is because we are entering a new time period of “being green”. In result the car companies produce what cars are in demand. With new companies like Tesla Motors people still are able to get a sporty car they are looking for while at the same time saving the environment. This is a time period were people are starting to look past there own generation and now in search for other renewable energy sources. More and more people are looking into growing industries such as solar energy, water energy, and wind energy. The Green Movement is important because it had an affect on every ones lives. New laws have been created and most people now live life considering the affect they have on the environment, which is a big change in mindset from one hundred years ago.
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