The End Of A Beginning

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The End of a Beginning Felipe Trujillo was born in Morelia, Mexico the 29 of November in 1984. Felipe lost his mother at an early age and lived with his father Felipe, from whom he inherited the name, and younger brother Manuel. His father was a doctor and it was really rare to see him in the house. In consequence, Felipe and his brother spent most of their time at their maternal grandmother’s place. It was at this place that he got his nickname “Bombon,” 1 because he was overweighed, and had cute dimples. It was also in that household where he gained his first scar at the age of eight. “It was when my brother and I were playing Frisbee. I still remember how long it took us to build the flying disk; we used the bottom part of a water jug, a belt, glue, and a knife,”2 he said. His brother had thrown the flying disk, and Felipe was running backwards for it, when suddenly, a bicycle full of bread that was passing by, could not stop in time and crushed into Felipe. “I know it was my fault and not his, but that did not stop me from asking for a piece of bread as a compensation. After all, I love “conchitas.”3 Hearing the loud crash, Felipe’s grandmother quickly come out of the house to see Felipe cover in blood. Alarm by the sight, Felipe’s grandmother took him to his father home for him to get a check up. When Felipe was taken home to his father he got stitched up, and he receive a lecture from his father on how he should not play on the streets, but in the back of his grandmother’s house. When his father finished up he took once again Felipe to his grandmother’s house, where she was waiting concerned about his health. “She was more of a mother than a grandma, really. She always took good care of us and treated us as her own,” Felip... ... middle of paper ... ...r. I got so mad at her for not taking the adequate means to take care of the babies. Afterwards, I did not move from where my child was until he was allowed to be moved in with his mother.” Now, three years later, Felipe is comfily siting down in his sofa being interviewed while the noise from his child’s cartoons can be heard at the background, as well as the sound of his wife humming a song while making dinner. “I believe my life has been a role coaster. It had his up and downs, but at the end it was fun and worth it. But unlike a role coaster, my life will not be ended so soon, I believe that although I have live long, I by no means have live enough. I still have things I want to do both professionally and personally. The world is wide and the possibilities are endless, so I believe this is just the beginning of the ride.” – he said as the end to his interview.

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