Boiling Point by Chef Jose Andres

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Curiosity is a trait found in various individuals throughout history and present time. Curiosity constantly keeps your mind active instead of passive, helps your mind become observing of new ideas, opens up the doors to new possibilities that were hidden behind the shadow of normal life, and may overall change your character. Individuals such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Stephen Hawking, and Leonardo Da Vinci, were just a few of many people that not only benefited from curiosity, but set an irremovable mark in history. The narrator of “Boiling Point”, Jose Andres, illustrates the ideal image of a character filled with curiosity.
Jose Andres developed a passion for cooking by watching his parents prepare meals throughout his childhood, each cooking on different days (his mother during the weekdays and his father barbequing in the weekends). Jose mostly focuses on what he learned by watching his dad barbeque his special dish (paella) for the community during the weekends. The narrator explains paella as being a rice dish cooked in a wide and shallow two handed pan. The protagonist frequently uses his childhood to remember various settings, in which his father cooked paella. For instance, Jose recalled the day his father was cooking for a fund raiser at his school.
Jose recalls his first cooking experience as being an eager moment: “By the time I was eleven or twelve, I was old enough and eager enough to start helping my father with his Sunday meals” (Jose 14), in which he assisted his father gathering up the materials needed. At the same time Jose was always anxious to do more, by the time he was fourteen he was able to set the fire like an expert. The narrator mentions various lessons learned from his father such as, s...

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... (I never get tired of eating it). As a human I find food tasting better when I am hungry. In addition, I must admit I am a picky eater, which sometimes prevents my mom from cooking different types of food. Possibly the best thing about being an eater is that you avoid the difficulties of preparing the meal, especially when you are known to cause messes in the kitchen.
A kitchen in a home keeps a mother satisfied and busy. I can confirm that by admitting that my mother spends most of her time in a kitchen not because she is forced to, but simply because that is her passion. Even though I cause various disasters in the kitchen my mom always likes to have a partner helping her out. As well as, being a picky eater does not stop me from complementing her on the meal she makes. Most importantly, as long as passion is an active ingredient it makes anything taste better.

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