The Electoral System Of Canada

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The most significant part of a country is the government which leads it. A good government can lead to a prosperous nation which is thriving in all categories. On the other hand, a poor government can drive a nation into the ground. Therefore, the electoral system used to elect the government should be perfect without the slightest resemblance of a flaw. However, this logic does not apply to Canada and other nations who have implemented the first past the post electoral system. The FPTP system has been used in a vast majority of Canadian elections. Although Canada has been reluctant to change its electoral system, it is clear that this current system is very flawed. The first past the post system is notorious for developing false majority governments and producing a lot of wasted votes. Canada should open their eyes to see just how faulty the FPTP system is and embark on an electoral reform. A mixed-member proportional representation voting system should be the system to replace the FPTP. This system is able to correct many of the faults laid out by the FPTP and can be a much more beneficial system for Canada to implement. The first past the post system, which is also commonly referred to as the single-member plurality system, is the electoral system currently being utilized by Canada. This system is based on that of the United Kingdom. For this system to work the country is first split into many different sections called electoral districts. The members of each district will then vote for a local candidate. Also, candidates will have a party affiliation next to their names on the ballot. Candidates with the most votes will win a seat in the House of Commons. Then the party with the most seats is asked to form the government. C... ... middle of paper ... ... unfairly represented and the colossal amount of wasted votes in every election is also very hard to ignore. On the contrary, the MMP system is able to minimize its share of wasted votes while provided fair representation to all parties involved. Along with this, the MMP system already has a great track record as it has already replaced the FPTP in another country. Canadians are finally beginning to become aware of just how awful their electoral system really is. Groups such as Fair Vote Canada and Every Vote Counts have launched in support of electoral reform and to kick out the FPTP system. When the FPTP system inevitably gets kicked out as the default electoral system for Canada it will be truly monumental. This will lead to a better electoral system taking its place which will then lead to better governments being formed which will thus lead to a better Canada.
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