Meech Lake

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Throughout the early 1980’s Canadian society began being troubled by its relationship with Quebec, it seemed more isolated than ever. After being promised a deal following the separation referendum and not seeing any development, it appeared they were more bitter and angry than ever before. They could not be forced to sign the Constitution Act of 1982, therefore, there was much pressure for the federal government to come up with a quick solution to either lose Quebec or finally win them over. Brian Mulroney was elected in 1984 and made it his personal goal to unite Quebec with the rest of Canada. Mulroney planned on completing this task by opening up the constitution and meeting various requests Quebec had, along with repairing other flaws that seemed to be dragging the country down. He invited Premiers from every province to Meech Lake to discuss the needs of Quebec in order to convince them to officially sign the constitution and merge with Canada. At first the ideas that came out of Meech Lake were welcomed with open arms and Mulroney was praised for his negotiating. That was until an ex-Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, published a piece of writing bashing Mulroney and calling him down for the stupidity and irrational deals made in the Meech Lake Accord. It is argued that Trudeau’s arguments on the negative aspects of the accord are what destroyed the Meech Lake Accord. Trudeau argued that Mulroney’s ideas would completely change Canadian federalism due to the change of the provincial and federal powers and would ruin Canada. Because of the change in public opinion that ensued after Trudeau voiced his thoughts, Mulroney and Trudeau were now on opposite sides of the argument, both fighting for two different visions of Canada. ... ... middle of paper ... ... early 1900’s the Senate showed to be a huge pain and an issue. People in the west hated it because they were underrepresented in the Senate compared to the smaller provinces such as the Maritime Provinces. Mulroney made the promise to have further discussions on senate reform. He said that provinces could have a role in the appointments much like the new law for the Supreme Court. The Federal Government would have less control over who is in the Senate and more power would be given to the provinces. This would change the type of Federalism Canada had practiced since the beginning. Provinces are not supposed to be formally represented in the Senate, the Federal and Provincial governments are supposed to be separate institutions. Mulroney agreed to give Senate reform a try to appeal to the West and explained to the East that they will discuss their fishery issues.
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