Drinking Alcohol

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Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant it has a huge impact on the lives of a drinker . In small quantities, alcohol results in a mild euphoria and usually removes inhibitions, and is relatively harmless. However, when used in excess, it has the power to change many lives in many ways. Alcohol causes a lot of trouble in a lot of peoples lives not just in the drinkers life. . Some ways it effects peoples lives include alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related traffic fatalities by individuals who are problem drinkers but who are not alcohol dependent. Because alcohol has so many negative effects on a person's mental and physical health, people should avoid the consumption of it altogether.
Teenage drinking has become a big problem around the world the studies have shown between seventy to eighty percent of every teen has had an alcoholic beverage. (ClayPool 2) That is about half of the students in a public school. 1.9 million teens from the day they turned twelve to the age of twenty are considered heavy drinkers. (Well-connected 21) But only twelve out of fifteen actually have a problem drinking alcoholic beverages. (Goodwin 63) Many teens die in traffic accidents each day from the age sixteen to nineteen. There has been around 2,700 teens in the United States killed and almost 321,000 were treated for injuries suffered by motor-vehicle crashes, but then were released to go home. The cost to repair the damages of an alcohol-related accident is estimated to be around one-thousand, five- hundred all the way up to one-hundred, forty-eight billion dollars. ("Teenage" 64) But alcohol-related crashes also cost American taxpayers one-hundred billion dollars not just the driver. ("Drinking") Days of the week with the highest deat...

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...f one drink a glass of wine before they go to bed it helps them sleep better. Sometime doctors even prescribe the use of alcohol as a sedative to the older people around the world. (ClayPool 30)
Many teens think it is cool to drink so they can fit in, some even are pressured to drink and some even drive after drinking which causes more deaths and problems between a family. Teens often do not understand the effects of alcohol on the body and many people do not know how drinking occasionally has a good effect on the body. I truly believe that these problems will still continue as long as our society continues to look at drinking as a solution to their problems with little side effects or as an independent activity and it not being categorized as a drug. We must make an impact to change the attitudes and behavior patterns not only of teens, but the entire society.

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