The Effects of Different Salt Solutions on Potatoes

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The Effects of Different Salt Solutions on Potatoes


My aim is to investigate how different concentrations of salt solution

affect the movement of water through a partially permeable membrane

(osmosis) in potatoes.

Osmosis is the movement of water from a high concentration to a low

concentration through a partially permeable membrane. I will add

pieces of potato to varying concentrations of salt solution, wait on

each solution and then record the results. I will eventually use the

results to measure the percentage change in mass of the potatoes.

To gain accurate results, I will have to make the experiment a fair

one, to do this I will implement the following:


Wash my hands before preparing any potato samples.

-So no grease, dirt or any salts transfer from my hands to the potato

pieces before the experiment takes place.

I will take core samples from the potatoes.

-To ensure maximum surface area for the salt concentration to cover.

Make sure that only my variable factor changes throughout the

experiment and other factors stay constant.

Wash all equipment before using them - To make sure no residue left on

them affects the results.


There are several factors that would affect my experiment, the

paragraphs below identify these factors and explain how I will keep

them constant. - My variable factor for the experiment is the salt


I am aware that the experiment will be affected by certain factors; I

will try and keep these factors constant so the end results will be

accurate and therefore conclusive.

Surface area would affect the rate of osmosis because the greater the

surface area the more area the water has to diffuse through. To

control this I will try and get exactly the same shaped potato tubes.

Temperature also affects the rate of osmosis, the higher the

temperature of the water, the more energy it has to diffuse through

the partially permeable membrane therefore speeding up osmosis. I will

try to control this factor by getting water for the experiment from
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