The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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INTRO Today we find entertainment from various mediums;movies, music, images, and video games. One of the most debated mediums is video games, but why? You have the parents who want to say it just rots their children 's mind or it just teaches violence. Young children and teens argue that it helps them learn, and are not the cause of violence. But what is the truth? B “In America, 81% of youths play at least once a month, 8.5% of them are addictive and “the average 8- to 12 year-old now plays 13 hours of video games per week, while the average 13- to 18 year old plays 14 hours of video games per week””(vanderbilt CITE) This indicates that most American children play video games, some more than others. This raises possible worry for parents who may not understand what their kids are getting into, good or bad. P There are many benefits of video games. states that from gameplay, it helps people develop what’s called contrast sensitivity. (Video Games Affect the Brain-for Better and Worse "Cerebrum.") This means this helps the human eye decipher different shades of greys, black, and whites, projected on a screen. “One neuroscience study, published in Nature, showed that playing action video games can improve visual attention to the periphery of a computer screen.” (Video Games Affect the Brain-for Better and Worse "Cerebrum.") This means it helps a person’s peripheral due to the nature of a bunch of action and commotion that can occur during a video game. also says that gaming builds upon teamwork skills.(Video Games Affect the Brain-for Better and Worse "Cerebrum.") Some games have multiplayer which involve a common goal and having a group that are affected in different aspects of obtaining that goal. this can be... ... middle of paper ... ... Children.") These include Early Childhood (EC), Everyone (E), Teen (T), Mature (M), Adults Only (AO), and Rating Pending (RP) for games that haven’t been rated yet. (The Effect of Video Games on Children "The Effect of Video Games on Children.") C From this we can see that there’s positives and negatives to video games, especially for the developing minds of young children and teen. Video games can help people decipher lighting and shading of objects, hand eye coordination, and teaches to never give up on completing a task or goal. There were also negatives to video games. influencing children of violence and corrupt morals, and forming an obsession taking priority over important aspects of life. It’s important to understand the positives and negatives of this medium to embrace the positives and fix the negatives to help younger children and teens of the future.

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