The Effects Of Domestic Violence And Family Violence

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Working in a child care profession can be a daunting task to identify violent behaviors in a family. Violence in a home is a way to control behaviors that one parent uses to gain authority over the others in the family or when siblings use violence to gain control over their brothers and sisters. Family violence can be described as physical violence, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Family members who are escaping from a violent home; half of them experience homelessness and live on the streets, in a shelter, or a domestic violence safe haven with their children (“11 facts about domestic and dating violence,” n.d.). The community I live in is a neighborhood filled with mobile homes. These homes are relatively close to one another because…show more content…
The abuser may have a substance abuse problem and are less likely to control their violent impulses. Another reason for violent relationships is due to environment as a child. They may have been taught that women are not their equal and have witnessed violence as a child; they only can coop with stressors by becoming violent (Goldsmith, 2016). Some stressors that can trigger violent behaviors are drug abuse, alcoholism, poverty, little education, no job, utility cutoff notice or homelessness, and families with an abundance of children (Henslin, 2014). The perspective of the other parent who is being abused in the family is that they deserve it. They shouldn’t have done a specific thing to trigger the abuser to lash out into violent behaviors. The woman who is in a violent relationship may have witnessed domestic violence as a child. Daughters who witness domestic violence are more likely to become a victim in a violent relationship. Sons who witness violent behaviors in the home are two times likely to abuse their family when they become an adult. There are emotional traumas that the children will suffer from as they grow into an adult. One emotional trauma from witnessing family violence is the effect of a positive, healthy relationship for the children when they become adults (Goldsmith,
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