The Effects Of Culture Diversity On Business Communications

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Effects of Culture Diversity in Business Communications Course: Interpersonal Communication (PSY 1023) Professor: Terry Peddlesden Author: Sze Chun Pang (c0628538) Date: October 6, 2014 Introduction Nowadays, in the time of globalization, different types and levels of cross-cultural communications are now increasing constantly and appearing frequently in negotiations, trades and social events. As a result, culture has become significantly important in the field of business communications. However, the cultural differences among people often lead to incomplete information and even unnecessary some misunderstandings and embarrassments. In the worst case, they may also cause disagreements and contradictions, affecting the efficiency of the business event. Therefore, analyzing the possible effects of cultural differences in business communications and finding the most accurate way to communicate in the business field have become a serious, new topic in the whole world. Major forms of culture diversity in business communications Culture diversity defines the differences between regions, races originated to various historical, political, traditional and conventional factors. In the field of international business communications, people always come from different countries and areas with different prospective on political system, habits, religious beliefs and education backgrounds. They have different or even opposite understandings on the same thing. Chinese philosopher Confucius from 2500 years ago said “The differences in the characters of men are chiefly owing to habit. By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart” could totally explain the concept. There are many types of cultural differe... ... middle of paper ... ...ult, we can see that culture diversity takes an essential role in business communications. In the trend of globalizations, cross-cultural negotiations are being more and more often which we could not avoid anymore. We have to make some clear understandings on different forms of culture diversity and find the ways to overcome them. With the skills on dealing those problems, the effectiveness in communications and the competitiveness of the company would definitely increase. Bibliography Legge, J. (1893). Chapter 2. THE CONFUCIAN ANALECTS (p. N/A). Oxford: Oxford Clarendon Press. Time, Context and Space. (n.d.). Benet Davetian 's Sociology Web. Retrieved October 5, 2014, from Hall 's cultural factors. (n.d.). Retrieved October 5, 2014, from
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