The Effects Of Adoption

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Adoption can alter various people from birth parents, to adoptive parents to siblings. But, a great deal of impact follows the adoptee themselves. Adoption can have many behavioural affects towards adopted children, whether it be long – term affects, an attachment disorder, or familial ties. Many teens face an identity crisis as they wonder who their biological parents are, their appearance, personality, and living style (Patricelli, 2007). Furthermore, adopted children may encounter self – esteem and identity problems themselves (Patricelli, 2007). Children may not understand the reason they were given up for adoption, and have questions on whether it was their fault or not. One of the most frequently asked question that itch many children’s…show more content…
But, in many cases, this may be hard. There are external influences that drag a person to want to be like someone else. A person may want to fit into a group of friends, make an intimate relationship work, and / or try to meet their parent’s expectations of them. But in reality, the adopttes are trying to fit in with others. Albeit, this may be a struggle for many during different stages of their lives, adoptees struggle with an extra barrier of not knowing their past. An adopted child may feel out of place, or as if they do not belong in their own family because of the fact that they’re “different”. Due to self- esteem issues, more adopted teens are seen to have eating disorders (Crook, 2000). Similarly, suicide is in a higher rate for teen adoptees than biological children (Crook, 2000). It is a struggle for some teens to find their place in their families and…show more content…
Although, the second half is not as well known, “and satisfaction brought it back” (Eugene O’Neill) explains that curiosity can be harmful, but the satisfaction of the knowledge is greater. Curiosity can prick anyone’s’ mind, and for adopted children, it’s about their biological parents. While walking down the streets they may wonder if that the person they see in front of them is their parent (Hogbacka, 2008). Many adoptees understand that their biological parents might not be financially stable, the birth father would not help, and / or the grandparents did not want the grandchild. It is shown in a study, that when birthmothers have access to a satisfactory economic condition, they tend to keep their offspring (Strong - Boag, 2004). MAKE IT FIT Adopted children wonder who their natural parents are, how they look like, if they themselves look like their biological parents, if their natural parents have other children. The big question of “who”, is always there. Sibling fight over who their parents love more. They try to annoy one another for the fun of it. However, some sibling relationships can range from being comfortable to unpleasant. An adopted child whose birth mother keeps her other children may come as shocking and heartbreaking news. If a sibling is still living with their parents, the adopted child may feel like something is wrong with themselves, as the other child
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