The Effects Of ADHD

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Did you know, that in the year 2013, of all the children in the United States, under the age of eighteen, 15% had been diagnosed with an Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (Hicks)? That percentage continues to steadily increase day by day. There is no single, proven reason why this percentage continues to rise, but everybody, from doctor and physicians, to concerned parents, have their own opinions on why there has been a sudden epidemic in the diagnosis of ADHD. ADHD is a chronic condition that is made identifiable by a person’s inattentiveness, hyperactivity and occasional impulsivity (Quinn). Many people believe that ADHD is not being over diagnosed. However, a look should be taken at who is diagnosing children, the fact that there is no legitimate test for ADHD, how high statistics have gotten in our country, how big pharmaceutical companies and doctors are using advertisement to draw the parents of young children in and profiting from their expenses, and how dangerous the stimulants being prescribed can be to anyone, especially young children. Once people learn the harsh facts of the disorder, ADHD, it becomes clear that the number of children on medication for this disorder has become dangerously high and unnecessary. The statistics of how many children and young adults are under drug treatment for ADHD has been increasing since the 1970’s (Connor). The parents and guardians of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD need to make themselves better informed of this epidemic. The sudden over diagnosis of ADHD in the United States is placing too many children in harm’s way; doctors are putting more and more children under the treatment of these dangerous stimulating medications every day. First, parents of children w... ... middle of paper ... ...ns of money to advertise the disorder and it’s symptoms on the TV and radio. Then, worried teachers and parents see “symptoms” that describe their children, such as fidgety in class and loss of attention, so they rush to a doctor, who is paid by these rich companies to hand out medication. The doctor, being influenced by money, free gifts, and sometimes even free trips, prescribes the child a stimulant to help them focus, no testing needed. The numbers climb, the side effects of depression and drug addiction remain prominent and slowly, but surely, the health of our youth is wasting away one percentage at a time. We are intoxicating the developing minds of young children everywhere by using advertising propaganda and wrongful diagnosis. The increase in the number of children being diagnosed with ADHD is far too large, and causes far too many dangers, to be ignored.
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