The Effect of Exercise on the Heart Rate and Recovery Time

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The Effect of Exercise on the Heart Rate and Recovery Time

There are different factors that affect the heart rate, they are the



I have decided to go for distance run for our variable. I decided that

the variables such as fitness and individual involved would be too

hard to measure fairly.



As I decided to use distance run as my variable and I am going to use

Mark as my 'Guinea Pig', so I am going to make Mark run 20 meters, 40

meters, 60 meters, 80 meters and 100 meters. I am going to change the

distance run 5 times. I am going to record his resting heart rate, his

heart rate straight after exercise and time how long it takes for him

to recover. To make sure that my results are reliable and correct. I

am going to take the average of these two sets of results and use the

average for my graph and my final result.

For this experiment I am going to use…

* A heart rate monitor, to measure Marks heart rate - this consists

of a belt and a transmitter belt. The belt is moistened so it can

read the heart rate easier, then it is placed around the chest.

The watch is fastened to the wrist where it picks up the heart

rate from the belt. You must make sure that you don't stand too

close to someone else using the belt because you may pick up their


* A tape measure, to work out how far he has to run. We will be

measuring in metres.

* A stop clock, to time how long it takes his heart rate to return

to normal, we will measure the time in minutes and seconds.



To make this a fair test I am going to only use one variable and
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