The Economics Behind Climatic Change and Weather Predictions

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Weather forecasting can be defined in so many ways; one of such ways is the application of science and technology to predict the state of the atmosphere for a future time and a given location.” Although the concept of weather forecasting seems exciting weather forecasters are taken for granted; people fail to realize that they have so much to contribute to the economy. ‘’Is it possible by any means to make weather predictions beyond one or two weeks’’. According to Matthew E. Kahn it has been proven, atmospheric scientists reports of long range climate forecast that are among the best that they have ever had, been able to predict climate for up to six months in advance.

Long-range forecasts are usually for a period greater than seven days in advance but there are no absolute limits to the time. While short-range forecast is a weather forecast made for a time period up to 48 hours. The long range forecasts still have their limitations despite its importance with the use of modern technology and improved techniques to predict the weather. For example, weather forecasts for today or tomorrow are likely to be more accurate than predictions about the weather two weeks from now.

People seem to have a need to know what's going to happen farther in the future than the next few days. So some atmospheric scientists have developed diverse ways to give generalized outlooks of what to expect farther ahead. But, these outlooks are different in several ways from regular daily forecasts. Outlooks for the weather in the months ahead do not attempt to firmly say that places will be warm or cold, wet or day. Instead, the outlooks are in terms of how the odds of a place been hot or cold will be shifted. Finally i...

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