The Long Thaw: The Future Of Climate Change

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The book by David Archer (2009) includes details that will make the readers understand the future of climate change as well as past events that have changed the present climate, as we know it. David Archer is a professor of geophysical sciences at the University of Chicago and has done many public presentations on the earth’s climate change before releasing his book, the long Thaw.

The book is focused on the future of the climate of planet earth, but it also talks about the past in order to make theories about the future of the planet. The reading itself is a little complicated if you are not familiar the global warming process, but after reading the book for a second time, everything starts to make more sense. The first time I read the book
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The book begins with the explanation of what makes the earth warmer. David explains that people first have to understand what has made earth increase its temperature for the past two centuries. The first part of the book explains how the sun radiates energy that hits the surface of the earth and warms it up enough for people to survive and not freeze. Next, the energy on earth is reflected back into space. Unfortunately, some of the radiated energy cannot leave earth because the green gases produced on earth trap it. These green gases are produced every second on earth. For instance, every time people use their TV, plug their cell phone to charge, or turn the lights on somewhere on the planet there is a power plant burning coal. This plant then produces green gases, by burning the coal, that are then absorbed by plants and trees on earth. The green gases that are not absorbed by plants and trees trap some of the sunlight and reflect it back to earth warming it up, this process is known as the greenhouse effect. Unfortunately, after the industrial revolution people on planet earth produce more green gases than nature can take and this leads to earth getting warmer. Nature is trying to fight a losing…show more content…
For instance the authors mentions how burning coal accounts for about 20% of the green gases on the planet, transportation for about 27% and power plants for about 31%. Humans created all of these processes of green gases, and again they all contribute to the warming of the earth.

Everything that the book talks in the first chapters are only a few of the reasons why the planet keeps getting warmer. People have heard in the news and read books about global warming, but most never paid much attention to any of it. The author David Archer emphasizes that all humans are adding climate change problems across the globe by just the simple fact of charging a cell phone. Most of the things we do to contribute to climate change are necessary in daily life, but people could definitely learn to save power or we could use the car less and help save us from weather

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