The Drains: A Short Story

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The next morning I got up an noticed my hair was extra greasy. So I figured time to shower, hoping the curtains weren't shut so I wouldn't have to bother Daniel. But you don't always get what you wish for. Because when I got to the bathroom after finding it that is. The curtains were shut. Of course, my luck would be that. I turned around to go get Daniel

"WHAT THE FU-UCK?!" I scream in a panic. I had backed into Daniel who was standing right behind me. He just stood there looking at me for a few seconds before saying

"Is there a problem?" His eyes rolled in annoyance. His hands were behind his back and he just stared into my eyes.

"Uh yeah... could you pull back the curtains for me? Since it's a rule you have" He nodded and pushed me into the hallway before locking the door. What the hell? …show more content…

I shut the door and began searching for anything strange. Nothing was out of the ordinary. The only thing that seemed to change was the curtains. They were now open, ready for business. This guy is weirder than I thought. Maybe he had a body in there I jokingly thought to myself.

After my shower, I rung the water out of my hair before wrapping it in a towel and getting dressed. Afterwards, I walked downstairs to find Daniel. Reading a newspaper. A newspaper! I didn't know anyone still read those! Flashbacks of me begging my father to read quicker so I could look at the comics. I miss those days, back when I had no responsibilities, no worries.I blinked a few times to snap back to reality.

"Hey." I say casually sitting down "Anything good?" Daniel lowered the paper with a sort of grin, "Wouldn't you know it... another person turned up missing." His voice sounded like a bully. "Oh... Is there any leads?" I ask trying not to sound creeped out. His eyes enlarged a split second before blinking

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