The Disturbing Plight of Child Performers

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When he is 5 or 4, most childen dream about 'being a movie star when he grows up' because it is fantastic to be known by everyone and being a hero in the movie for children. Almost every parent thinks their children is gifted and when he grows up, he will a respected man and wish to be pround of their children. So, when their children are at this age, they direct them to the performing art schools. To a certain extent, it might be beneficial for kids to develop their communication skills, personality and knowledge about health but thinking the positive effects in the future, forcing children to become a part of this show may come with some problems. At first, it seems he is developing himself, he joins social activities, he gains more confidence and he is good at communication with people. Then, the moment comes and child become a famous person thanks to his talent. Parents may think their children will be at a better position and encourage them without thinking of the future and just push their children into the unknown. The entertainment industry is not for kids because they do not know how to entertain others other than entertaining themselves because as stated in the book “How to Live the Good Life” by Whitehead “An educated man has been defined as one who can entertain himself, one who can entertain another, and one who can entertain a new idea.” A child is not an educated man yet so he is at the part of entertaining himself. When he joins the entertainment industry to have fun, he can discover the joy of being famous and earning so much money and having own money. Many negative aspects of the unorginized schedule or activities of child art performers represent a high level of risk that is much higher for children than adults. That may cause to occur not having enough education for future, being collapsed psychologically, having misguided social skills and being abused financially plus wrong usage of the money. Performing arts include terms like young singers, actors, dancers and gymnasts. However, dealing with these activities as a professional is like working at a job full time so they may not spend their time efficiently in formal education. Even if they have a tough personality, for a child this is a very stressful profession because they have not yet evolved emotionally, physically and intellectually because of that this job has a great risk for their future life.

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