The Differences Between Prepositional and Non-Prepositional Revelation

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The Differences Between Prepositional and Non-Prepositional Revelation

Revelation is when, how and through whom or what God reveals himself

to us. It is said god reveals himself to mankind through miracles

before us. God also shows himself in everything around us. God created

miracles in making grass and trees, animals, night and day and also

the miracle of birth and if you believe in these miracles you will

notice God is revealing himself to mankind through everything.

For millions of years the argue concerning propositional and non

propositional revelation has been a main subject of many whilst

discussing revelation. However many people state prepositional

revelation is non prepositional revelation because revelation is based

on people's experience. However, no simple answer has yet been found.

Propositional revelation is when god reveals himself in propositions

or statements, which are then recorded as scripture. There are many

times since the birth of the Christian religion where people say

examples of prepositional revelation have been disclosed. People

mention both the miracle of the crossing of the red sea and the

Apostles creed as prepositional revelation.

Non-propositional revelation is when God reveals himself through

experience. There are many examples of this kind of revelation, such

as, miracles, speaking in tongues, personal experiences such as an

awareness of god, sense of personal conviction that you ought to do

something, healing, sense of unity and praying. People continuously

dispute the different sorts of revelation by saying, all revelation is

non prepositional as it is based on peoples experience, however t...

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Most believers believe miracles show how God intervened in something,

however how do we know that it is not pure coincidence, has a

scientific explanation? Are miracles not over riding peoples free

will, open to interpretation and if not why does God not perform

miracles for everyone to see and believe - again this is a concept

leaving many to make up their own minds.

Finally, while studying the topic of prepositional and

non-propositional revelation it enables you to come to only one

conclusion, there is no simple answer. Many theories are left for

personal opinions to made up, however there is no real answer and for

the near future we see no answers coming forth……I wonder if this is

Gods way of giving us our free will and remaining uncomprehendable due

to his magnificence?, again just a personal opinion.
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