The Dieppe Fiasco: Explanation of why the Dieppe Failed

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At daybreak, August 19th, 1942, the Allies began their raid on the French coastal city of Dieppe occupied by Germany. The raid has extreme Canadian significance, as it pertains to 5000 Canadians involved in the campaign, 3,350 of which became casualties and 916 died on the bloodstained beach at Dieppe. The Dieppe raid is widely considered a failure on every level and has left a dreadful mark in Canadian military history because of how poorly it panned out. Operation Jubilee remains one of the most hotly debated Allied aspects of the war. Tactically, it was a complete failure as little to no objectives were attained. This essay will explain that Dieppe failed because of the tactical errors on the part of the Allies, in conjunction with the fact the entire operation was very poorly planned out. It will do so by discussing 4 major points: poor allied planning, how Dieppe was a difficult place to attack, that the assault was launched for political rather than military reasons and finally, how it failed to upgrade morale.

One of the reasons that Dieppe failed so miserably is that their leadership, Louis Mountbatten in particular, planned very poorly for the operation. Firstly, the attack failed to use strategies that had proved to be extremely effective, and that should have been logical. The attack took place in daylight, which was a product of the Allies woefully underestimating the German opposition. Mountbatten was quoted to calling Dieppe “a piece of cake” proving how aloof he was to the strength of the German opposition. On top of that, intelligence reports indicated that Dieppe was not heavily defended. They could not have been more mistaken. The Germans had copious advance notice about the raid, eliminating an...

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