The Devil, the Witches and the Victims of Salem

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The Devil, the Witches and the Victims of Salem Nineteen were hanged, seventeen died in prison, 150 were imprisoned and one was crushed to death. All of them were accused, by a group of seemingly innocent young girls, of witchcraft and wizardry. The cry of witchcraft all began in the January of 1692 in the town of Salem. Then, almost as soon as it had begun, the hysteria, that swept through Puritan Massachusetts ended. The Reverend Parris speculated that witchcraft had aroused after the strange illness and behaviour of his daughter, Betty and niece, Abigail. Salem was already a god-fearing town, they had the stresses of everyday life in the 17th Century and witchcraft was a good excuse to use. By the summer of 1692, the Salem witch trails began. After the poor evidence and lies were given, a total of thirteen women and five men were hanged. One was even crushed to death. All were innocent. The spectres, that the "supposed victims" claimed to see, were all the court needed to charge someone with witchcraft. Later into the trials, the Superior Court of Judicature replaced the current Oyer and Terminer court and ruled out the spectres as hard solid proof. It was not until then, that the trials stopped and the truth was revealed. [IMAGE] Salem witch trial The girls that accused the innocent were the actual witches themselves. Story goes, that it was the Reverend Parris' slave Tituba, from the West Indies, was responsible for indoctrinating the young girl's minds with spells and rituals. The question I like to answer is, why did these girls accuse others of witchcraft and lost the lives of many? Some say it's because the girls had eaten bread, which was contaminated with a fungus and could've given the girls hallucinations. Others say it is because the girls were seeking revenge from other townsfolk over past jealousies. Others say it is because the girls were adolescents seeking attention. The girls might have enjoyed all the attention and benefits.

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