The Development of Space Travel

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Could you imagine being the reason why space travel is as magnificent as it is today? Robert Goddard is the wonderful man behind all of this. Many people were so surprised when he announced that the first rocket fueled with liquid oxygen and gasoline was built and ready to launch! On March 16, 1926 in Auburn, Massachusetts on Goddard’s aunts’ farm, many witnessed the first ever working rocket to launch into space. The rocket traveled for two point five seconds going about sixty miles per hour and soaring forty-one feet in the air then landed one hundred eighty-four feet away. The first fueled rocket influenced the wonderful space travel of today, it is the reason NASA even started! The great accomplishment of Goddard in 1926 is the reason of the accomplishments today! Robert left thousands of people in awe, especially the government. They didn’t want to fund to get the materials of the rocket therefore; he had to pay for it out of his own pocket with some help of Clark University. The way the news got out about this rocket is because the Smithsonian Institution published the newspaper that titled “A method of Reaching High Altitudes.” Thousands of people across the world read the article and was there to see the success of the first fueled rocket. The first fueled rocket didn’t only have an influence on space travel and the joy of people; it influenced the V-2 rocket and gyroscope.

The V-2 rocket is a missile that was invented by Wernher von Braun who is a German Scientist. He was born in 1912 and has always been the person to beat in his scientific efforts and strategies since he was a teen. Braun joined the Society for space travel which took him leaps and bounds above everyone in the knowledge of liquid fueled rockets and to...

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...the state of the world and a compulsion to do something about it.” So Branson thought, “why not me? Why can’t I be the first person to send people to space?” So he thought up a plan that regular everyday people for twenty-two million dollars we could finally explore what it’s like to view earth from space without years of college to be an astronaut. The rocket that is sending people up to space is called the AXE that is specialized for humans to have a nice long relaxing trip to space and they are hoping to build many more other rockets like this and hopefully one day lower the price so you don’t have to be a millionaire. There were twenty-two lucky people who some famous and other not so famous who got sent on this rockets first flight to space. Without the first fueled rocket those lucky people and hopefully more to come wouldn’t have even seen space! (Stampler)
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