The Destructive Pact

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“Destructive Pact”

The destructive pact is unspoken contract between students and instructors not to demand anything from each other. Based on my own experiences, the “destructive pact” is a reality in high school, but not in college. But based on discussions with classmates, interviews with others and students survey the pact is reality in both high school and college. The pact is harming the higher education system by decreasing the quality of education students receive and the students efforts are decreasing while their grades are increasing.
In my experience the destructive pact is reality in high school but not in college. I began high school a year after I moved to Minnesota. As a freshman I expected high school to be hard and challenging.
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The “Pact” is affecting their education as they only have to show up. Anyone can pass as long as their names are marked in the attendance book and by doing simple essay responses. As I was interviewing my brother he said, he only has written essay responses and an introductory essay since school started in his English class. Another person that I interviewed said he has not written anything or took any exam since school started in his English and Political Government class. Even though both students are taking different courses, they are not being challenged to their best of their ability. They both said they have lots of free time. They are not receiving the quality education they deserve as college students.
Based on my discussions with classmates about the video, I discovered that for most of my classmates the “ destructive pact” is a reality at some point in their lives. One student said that she doesn’t go to her Nutrition class because the instructor only expects the work to be done without stepping foot inside a physical classroom. In this manner, the pact is allowing a teacher to not be accountable for the student attendance to which leads the teacher to not be present for any discussions, questions, lectures, or anything remotely responsible that a normal instructor is charged
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On the survey I asked five questions to each student. The first question was “if they ever have seen the pact in any of their classes.” The follow up question was if students dropped the class as soon they figured out the teacher wasn 't challenging them, with 23 students said no only 1 said yes. Based on the survey student wanted easy teachers to keep their GPA high. By taking classes with teachers that demand less they didn’t have to make effort for good grades. This affects students education because they are not learning what they are expected of them and don’t challenge themselves. The overall expectation of an instructor can greatly affect the student’s ability to learn as more pressure is placed on the curriculum and in the classroom. According to the MCTC grade distributions chart, from 2010 to 2013 out of 82,333 students 30.7% got an A and 21.1% got B. Majority of grades that are being given to students are A and
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