The Definition Of Lying In The Ways We Lie By Stephanie Ericson

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“No matter how you hope, no matter how you try, you can’t make truth out of a lie” (Berenstain 1). Various children programs or books, like The Berenstain Bears, try to discourage children from lying. They attempt to do this by informing them of the consequences lying brings. Every day, countless people find themselves being deceived, whether by their coworkers, friends, or family. While some lies may appear harmless, most do more harm than good. Lying takes on several different modes for which it infests itself into the daily grind. A few of these configurations are white lies, facades, delusion or doublespeak. More than half of the population have become desensitized to deceit, because today lying is prevalent, and doublespeak is predominant…show more content…
Ericsson uses Webster’s definition of lying as the foundation for her essay. Webster’s official definition of a lie is, “A false statement or action with intent to deceive; anything that gives or is meant to give a false impression” (qtd. in Ericsson 496). By using this definition as her foundation, Ericsson continues to talk about the different forms lies undertake. The first form she addresses is the well-known white lie, used to escape from potentially awkward situations, or people. “The white lie assumes that the truth will cause more damage than a simple, harmless untruth” (Ericsson 496). For example, lying to someone that had a stressful day that your day was great, to save that person from more drama. This lie is commonly used because many people think that by lying they are saving relationships, and emotions. Although, Ericsson points out that in reality “[i]t is an act of subtle arrogance for anyone to decide what is best for someone else” (496). Another method of lying Ericsson mentions is facades. Facades are manipulated to cover up personal transgressions, social faux pas, or whatever the liar wants the lied to believe about them. Ericsson explains that facades are destructive, “[t]hey are used to seduce others into an illusion” (497). Delusion itself seduces the individual into replacing facts with excuses. Delusion relies on the mind to support the…show more content…
These types of lies are easily distributed in society by the masses because they sound harmless. Lies aren’t only bad, but they come with a high price. That price is trust, once someone’s trust is broken it takes a lot of time to get it back. “Trust is one thing you can’t put back together once it’s broken” (Berenstain 17). As for William Lutz’s essay, “Doublespeak”, Lutz talks about lying on a grander scale. Lutz exposes the different kinds of doublespeak that are used by the government, media, along with people with high professions to deceive the masses. Lutz

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