The Death Penalty

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It is unnerving to think that everyday some of the most unspeakable murders and killings take place just under the noses of the authorities and normal people. The killers responsible for these crimes are threats to society and deserve capital punishment. The death penalty is an acceptable and fair method of punishment because it serves justice, provides victim’s families with closure, and increases safety.
Capital Punishment serves justice and it is the best option for horrible crimes. In an article about advantages of the death penalty, Luther Avery states, “The punishment should always fit the crime” (Avery 1). This means that the more severe the crime, the more severe the punishment. The death penalty is the best option of punishment because it serves justice. Cruel murders deserve the death penalty. If a murderer was given a different punishment other than the death penalty, the human live(s) that perished would become less and less important. The death penalty is justified because in the Pledge of Allegiance we state “Liberty and Justice for all”. What better way to show this than to give deserving criminals the right punishment? (Phil 2)
The Death Penalty has positive effects on murder victim’s families. Losing a loved one from old age, or sickness is a time of suffering that almost everyone will experience, but losing a loved one because they were brutally murdered is unexpected and much harder to overcome. Some family members take years before they fully recover from losing someone, but the death penalty can help a family work towards a quicker recovery (Messerlini 1). The murderer will not be around to haunt the victim’s family therefore, providing them with closure and a sense of safety. The major role that the death pe...

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