The Death Penalty: Anyone Who Muders Should Be Put To Death

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There are many pros to the death penalty. Some claim that there is a preventative effect on potential murderers, although there is a lot of debate about this and just about every other argument for or against capital punishment. Another is the idea of incapacitation. Truthfully, why should someone have the right to live if they have taken that right from another person? The purpose why this writer supports capital punishment is because in observing victims’ families and their grief over murdered loved ones. This writer believes anyone who murders should be put to death. One reason for this is because people should not have the right to live after they have killed a fellow human being. The death penalty is a topic dealing with ethics, a set of moral principles or values. This issue is constantly filled with mix feelings and attitudes which the writer will attempt to present in the following paragraphs. The first argument is based on morality. One has an obligation the victims’ families so that they can have a sense of closure. Unfortunately, the murderer has deprived the victim’s family and friends of a loved one. Their grief begins with the murder. It may not end with the murderer’s execution, but the execution does bring about a feeling of relief at no longer having to think about the ordeal—a feeling which often fails to arise while the murderer still lives on. A system in place for the purpose of granting justice cannot do so for the surviving victims, unless the murderer himself is put to death. The victim's family can feel traumatized knowing that the perpetrator is still alive. Although the victim and the victim's family cannot be restored to the status which preceded the murder, at least an execution brings closu... ... middle of paper ... ...ctims who are at risk. Capitol punishment is an appropriate consequence for murdering someone. Will life in prison ensure they will not kill again? No. Will life in prison prevent a lawyer from finding a loophole to release them back in public? No. Only the death penalty can assure that. It may not give victims families just but it is a start. Works Cited Amnesty International. (2014). 5 Reasons the world thinks they need the death penalty Retrieved February 26, 2014, from Civil Liberties. (2013, June 1). 5 Arguments for the Death Penalty. Retrieved February 25, 2014, from Death Penalty. (2014). Top 10 Pros and Cons: Should the death penalty be allowed? Retrieved February 26, 2014, from

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