Capital Punishment

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Many people have been taught from birth that killing, stealing, lying and cheating is wrong. Most of us have been taught since a young age right from wrong, but how can we follow that example when our own country does not? If killing is wrong, why do states still allow it in the United States? Capital Punishment is killing; it is taking a human life, and yet we act like it is the perfect punishment or the right thing to do. Just because someone has killed does not mean it is okay to take their life; that just means more murder and more murderers. We might as well call ourselves the murderers. No matter the reason or how bad the crime, taking a life should never be the conclusion, nor a decision even worth considering. Capital Punishment is a cruel and unnecessary punishment; it should be illegal in the United States for multiple reasons.
Capital Punishment is awful and inhumane. The Death Penalty is not only unconstitutional, but it is taking away a human life. It is not right to punish criminals by doing to them exactly what they did to their victim. “The penalty for rape cannot be rape. Those who steal are not punished by being stolen from. We should not, therefore, punish the murderer with death... Capital Punishment is a barbaric remainder of an uncivilized society." (Should the Death Penalty n. pag.) A society that respects life should not also be the one who is taking it. You can not kill a murderer to prove that killing is wrong; that is hypocrisy at its best. One can not believe two things at once; a person either believes killing is wrong or they don’t; there is no in between. It is horrible to be the one to decide whether a person lives or dies, so why do it? Not only is the Death Penalty wrong, but in the situation of...

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...amily member as well.

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